Editorial Board

Editorial Board members work together by consensus to provide the Journal of Applied Research and Innovation (JARI) with the editorial direction in the following areas: Identify the scope of journal content and, when appropriate, themes for various issues. Determining Criteria for accepting manuscripts for publication consideration. Developing criteria and guidelines for reviewers to use in reviewing each type of manuscript Developing criteria and guidelines for authors to use in creating each type of manuscript Reviewing manuscripts as needed and appropriate. Soliciting manuscripts from potential authors. Promoting JARI  to potential authors, readers, and indexers.



Dr Jake Madden,

Dean, Australian College of Researchers, Australia

Journal Editor

David Lynch

Professor David Lynch

Southern Cross University, Australia

Chair Peer Review Board


Dr Tina Doe

Research Officer, Australian College of Researchers. 

Southern Cross University, Australia.

Martina Dickson

Dr Martina Dickson

Emirates College of Advanced Education, UAE

Deborah Trevallion

Deborah Trevallion

School of Education, The University of Newcastle, Australia

Melissa McMinn

Dr Melissa McMinn

Higher Colleges of Technology, UAE

Tony Yeigh

Associate Professor Tony Yeigh

Southern Cross University, Australia


Eko Susanto

Universitas Muhammadiyah, Indonesia 



Professor Richard Smith

Central Queensland University, Australia

shiba san Professor Iwao Shibata, BBT University, Japan 

Dr Eric Eshun,

Kwame Nkrumah University of Science & Technology

Kumasi, Ghana


Dr David Turner,

Queensland Association of State School Principals, Australia

Bruce knight

Professor Bruce Knight,

Central Queensland University, Australia

Venkat Pulla

Professor Venkat Pulla

Brisbane Institute of Strengths-Based Practice, Aruba

 Australian College of Research Fellows  5 Fellows from the Australian College of Researchers rotate onto the Editorial Board each year. See www.acr.college